Continuing Education Requirements

All active AIA members must successfully complete 18 learning unit (LU) hours each year.  Of those 18 LU hours, at least 12 must relate to health, safety and/or welfare (HSW) and four (4) LUs in sustainable design.Please note that as of 2012, aligning more closely with state licensing boards’ practice, AIA members will no longer be able to self-report HSW courses for credit. Members will need to complete HSW credits by taking qualifying courses from registered AIA CES Providers, and Providers will need to report HSW courses for members to receive HSW credits. Members can continue to self-report learning unit (LU) credit hours.

Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) Guidelines Go Now!

SC State Board of Architectural Examiners – Renewal Requirements

  • Total Hours: 24

  • Detail: 24 HSW

  • Renewal Cycle: Biennial

  • Renewal Deadline: June 30th

Online Learning

The American Institute of Architects and its affiliated providers offer a number of opportunities for AIA members to participate in online learning to further their knowledge base and meet AIA CES requirements for AIA membership. The majority of State Licensing Boards who have Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) requirements also accept distance education for architects. Particularly if you hold licenses in more than one State, it is important to check with your State Licensing Board to confirm specific requirements for your license renewal.

Featured Opportunities:

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Self Reporting

If a program is not offered by AIA South Carolina or another AIA/CES registered provider, AIA members have the option of self-reporting independent activities or research for non-HSW LUS only. The intent of this activity must be educational in nature and related to new knowledge in reference to their practice of architecture.

AIA/CES no longer accepts self-report forms on paper, whether they are mailed or sent by fax.  Only online self-report transmissions will qualify for AIA/CES credit.

Here are a few tips for self-reporting your continuing education credits:

  • Use the current self-report form.  Outdated forms lack some significant information, and you will not get credit if you use them.
  • Make sure the activity meets AIA/CES criteria.  Whether the reported activity is self-designed or a structured program, it must be a planned activity that provides new knowledge that can be applied toward the practice of architecture.
  • Calculate LU hours correctly.  If a self-designed activity such as research would qualify for billable hours at your place of employment, it can be self-reported.
  • Check with your state licensing board.  Some states do not accept self-designed activities for MCE requirements.

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AIA/CES Providers

Look for the AIA/CES provider logo to denote AIA/CES programs. When you see the AIA/CES logo advertised in conjunction with our educational seminars, workshops, and conferences you’ll know the specific program has been registered through the AIA/CES system.  If a program is registered, this means that all members who registered and attend will have their time recorded for credit by the provider. 

For non-AIA members, AIA/SC will provide a certificate of completion upon request for all AIA/CES programs offered by the Chapter.