AIA South Carolina/Carolinas AGC Joint Cooperative Committee


A forum for the design and construction community.

The AIA South Carolina/Carolinas AGC Joint Cooperative Committee (AIASC/CAGC) was established as a forum for the design and construction community to discuss pertinent issues related to the construction industry in South Carolina. The committee’s goal is to promote cooperation among all industry participants and to develop tools that support a collaborative process to study and make recommendations on industry problems relating to architect-contractor cooperation, contract documents, bid procedures, and other matters of mutual interest.

One of these tools is the publication of Joint Committee Recommendations (JCRs) that address trending issues in the design and construction industry. Please see below for a list of JCRs that have been published to date. While these recommendations are not binding on individual architects or contractors, the Committee believes that adherence to the recommendations will benefit the building owner, the public and the construction industry generally.

South Carolina Joint Committee Recommendations
The AIASC/CAGC Joint Committee recently reorganized the JCR’s and grouped them into three categories, thus renumbering each JCR. The names of the JCR’s have remained the same, just the numbers have changed. Please see the Cross Reference page below for assistance.

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