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Grow your business with AIASC – the voice for South Carolina architecture. Improve sales and visibility in your target market by advertising in SCA, the award-winning, annual magazine of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.


What is SCA?

SCA is the official publication of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIASC). Since 1958, our magazine has served as the definitive voice of the architecture, design, and construction industry in South Carolina and the Southeast.

AIA South Carolina is the state component of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). We are the voice for South Carolina architecture, supporting the very best in the design of beautiful, sustainable and inspiring places and communities.

You’ll reach South Carolina’s most prominent archi­tecture firms, who design projects in both the private and public sector throughout the Southeast. Whether they’re designing K-12 schools, churches, performing arts centers or a custom home in the Low Country, AIASC members are always looking for the best products and services to specify and use.

  • AIASC’s more than 900 members
  • Key decision-makers and specifiers in South Carolina’s design and construction industry
  • All AIA architects in the South Atlantic Region
  • Out-of-state architects licensed to practice in South Carolina
  • Allied professionals such as: construction managers, contractors, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and urban planners
  • Government officials, including all mem­bers of the South Carolina legislature
  • Library and hospital directors
  • University and public school officials & facility planners

Expand Your Visibility

At SCA, We Showcase Our Advertisers

Each issue of SCA includes:

  • Advertiser Index, with contact information for all companies
  • Resource Listings, which identify all con­sultants, contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers for award-winning projects.
Our goal is to give our advertisers maximum exposure for their contributions in creating beautiful, sustainable and inspiring architecture.
  • As a small business with a very specialized product, SCA has allowed us to expand our exposure in the entire state of South Carolina.  To introduce a vertical solution of space division to a much larger community of architects and designers. Our relationship has been vital in assisting us to continue to grow our business. SCA is a professional and trusted news source to the architectural community as well as a great resource for local business to share knowledge.
    Tony Tate


Our E-Magazine Doubles Your Visibility

Each issue of SCA is simultaneously published online in a 3D printable, scalable and clippable format on our website. Your advertisement in SCA includes free links directly to your website from your ad and anywhere else your company logo appears in the magazine.

Reserve Your Space

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Submittal Guidelines:

Fonts: Be sure to embed all fonts used in the advertisement. If fonts are not included, similar fonts may be substituted and you may be subject to additional charges for manipulation to meet printer’s specifications.

Color: Use process CMYK colors only (not RGB, spot, or index colors). Convert all RGB images to CMYK before placing them in your ad. Do not embed color profiles in image files. Use a “rich black” 60% cyan and 100% black in 4-color ads for a deeper black color. Crop Marks/Bleed Extend all bleeds at least an 1/8 inch beyond all trim edges. Use crop marks to indicate bleed and trim for all bleed ads. Offset your crop marks enough to keep them out of the bleed (at least 3/16 inch). Live matter (which is anything important/necessary to the reader) should be kept at least ½ inch from all trim edges onFull Page ads and 1/8 inch from edges of all other ads.

Image Resolution: All images in the ad must be at least 300 dpi. For best results, create a print-resolution (300 dpi) PDF with live or vector type and all fonts embedded. Do not send files from Microsoft Excel, Paint, Publisher, Word, or WordPerfect.

How Do I Submit My Ad? Once you have purchased your space, there is a place right on the payment form that allows you to upload it right then. Please be aware of the specs posted on the reservation page.

For more information, please contact: Tracey Waltz at

Don’t miss out! Be sure your company is included in the next issue of SCA so you can gain exposure to the decision-makers and specifiers in your target market.
  • As a consulting engineering firm, RMF views AIA South Carolina as a great resource for connection to our most valuable clients.  Whether it’s annual sponsorship, advertising in the annual magazine, or participation at conferences, it’s a worthwhile investment that we will continue to support
    Mike McCarthy