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Hill Construction has been partnering with Architects since 1956 and has earned a reputation as a trusted source of quality, cost-effective, and timely commercial construction services across South Carolina.

Whether you are collaborating with our dedicated team of preconstruction professionals, partnering with us on a design-build project, or making a recommendation to a client for general contracting services, Hill Construction has the knowledge and experience to exceed expectations.

We have a saying at Hill:

“We don’t have to build every project, just the projects that matter”.

So, if you have a project in mind and are looking for a partner, just let us know how we can help.

Allied Members:

Chip Crane | chip@hillcon.com

Bart Bodkin | bart@hillcon.com

Robert Reilly | robert@hillcon.com

Ted Chestnut | ted@hillcon.com

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    295 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 301, Charleston, SC 29492

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For inquiries, contact Robert Reilly, Director of Business Development robert@hillcon.com or call (m) 843-693-2961.

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