Insurance Management Consultants, Inc. is a relationship-driven group of insurance experts who are eager to be part of your team. We are both analytical and creative. We run toward complex problems. And we are curious, almost to a fault.

We help sophisticated business owners. We are lifelong learners who thrive on sharing our knowledge. We understand that you want to talk shop more than you want to talk insurance, and we prefer that, too.

We limit the types of clients we serve in order to be true experts. We see trends before they start, and we help you prevent making the same mistakes that others make.

Solving your challenges creates our true value. If you’ve wondered about questions like these, we can answer them:

  • Is this indemnity provision reasonable?
  • Do I have the right insurance to satisfy the requirements in my contract?
  • Should I allow a client to own my documents?
  •  If I decide that’s a “no,” then how about allowing my client to reuse my documents in the future for limited purposes?
  •  I’m thinking about retiring and selling my company. What should I be thinking about?
  • I’m worried about a specific project. How can you help?

We uncover and help you avoid potential problems with:

  •  Risk Assessment and Audit Tools
  • Training
  • Contract Reviews
  •  Claims Assistance

Allied Members
Anita Rogers, 803.413.6019,
Jeff Todd, 704.997.2719,
Stephen Agnew, 704.997.2720,

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    8936 Northpointe Executive Park Dr, Suite 180, Huntersville NC 28078

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If you have comments, questions, or would like to reach us about your next project, please call 704-799-1600 or email IMCI@IMCIPLS.COM

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