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Novus Architects took shape in 1992 – with one architect working for one new client. Strong, long-term relationships are the heart of what we do, and we never take for granted the trust clients place in us to listen intently to their needs, craft a custom process, gather a team with the right skills and passions – and together, bring to life spaces that serve people.

Every day, we take our diverse interests and collective experiences and put them to work in wholly new ways – again and again. Because while we may carry the title of architect, planner, or designer, we see ourselves as consultants with an architectural perspective. The truth is, we do our best work when we challenge the notions of what an architect, designer, or planner can or should do and step beyond traditional roles to create new, unique processes that bring simplicity and clarity to the most complex projects.

To build highly functional, beautiful spaces: medical facilities that nurture both physician and family, schools that inspire and engage both children and teacher, community centers that invite both dialogue and reflection, is to constantly study how people move in and through spaces, how design influences human interaction, discovery, and deep connection.

For us, that lifelong study is, like people themselves, always new, always challenging, and ever changing. So we focus on process, priorities, details, and communication. We embrace ingenuity, collaboration, and adaptation, because for us, a space is more than any hospital, school, or house of worship, it’s an always-new way of connecting and serving people.

always new

List of Principals:

  • Tommy Smith, CEO and Founder
  • Joshua Allison, Managing Principal
  • Debbie Chitwood, Divisional Principal
  • Jeffrey Neel, Divisional Principal
  • Tripp Massengill, Principal
  • Mike de Haas, Principal
  • Gilbert Laban, Principal
  • Kevin Qualls, Principal
  • Mark Mucci, Principal
  • Ashley McCormick, Principal
  • Michael Janaskie, Principal
  • Jerry Traino, Principal


Asheville, North Carolina
14 South Pack Square, Suite 400
Asheville, NC 28801

Atlanta, Georgia
3101 Cobb Parkway SE, Suite 124
Atlanta, GA 30339

Charleston, South Carolina
656 King Street
Charleston, SC 29403

Charlotte, North Carolina
3540 Toringdon Way
Suite 200 #232
Charlotte, NC 28277

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
6346 Smith Bay Rd
St. Thomas 00802

  • Project Types

    Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Spiritual, Public Spaces

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  • HQ

    3540 Toringdon Way, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28277

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