Architects Announce 2017 Legislative Agenda


Adrienne Montare, AIA

Columbia, SC – January 10, 2017 – The South Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIASC) today announced a legislative agenda for the 122nd South Carolina General Assembly that sets a path for increasing construction activity, creating jobs, preserving the state’s heritage and ensuring that new generations of architects design a resilient future for South Carolina.

“As the General Assembly convenes in Columbia today to open the 2017-2018 Legislative Session, AIA South Carolina unveils an agenda that includes legislation and policies that not only increase economic activity but also enhance the common good,” said AIASC President Brad Benjamin, AIA. “AIASC pledges to work with the General Assembly in 2017 to advance legislation that enhances the built environment and helps create a safe, resilient and sustainable future for all South Carolinians.”

The agenda includes the following:

Advance policies that help communities prepare for and respond to the challenges they face.
* Oppose legislation that increases the building code adoption cycle to six years
* Support legislation that moves the adoption process of the International Energy Conservation Code to the SC Building Codes Council
* Amend the Architects & Engineers Volunteer Act to allow the Governor to extend the 30-day limit for declared states of emergency
* Promote resiliency planning in communities

AIASC supports laws and regulations that help design and construction firms create jobs.
* Advance policies that help small businesses grow and create jobs
* Ensure that any student who wishes to pursue a career in architecture or construction science has access to an education in South Carolina
* Help South Carolina design and construction firms become more competitive throughout the state and in the region
* Promote the services of South Carolina firms for South Carolina work

AIASC supports policies that promote good design.
* Support legislation that allows local adoption of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC)
* Protect and enhance the historic preservation tax credit
* Support a Bond Bill that invests in capital improvements to state owned and leased property
* Promote design excellence across all state agencies

AIASC supports policies that invest in the next generation of architects and the profession.
* Pass a state version of the proposed National Design Services Act, which lets architecture school graduates work off student debt with community service
* Foster a regulatory environment that enables architecture firms to invest in research and workforce development
* Support pro bono and community work in underserved areas

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