Legislative Update – June 2017

The first half of the two-year legislative session saw little action on bills that didn’t relate to roads funding or the budget.

Following Governor McMaster’s veto of several items in the budget, the legislators will most likely not return to Columbia until next year. Meanwhile, our practice act bill H3649 (which would clarify requirements for exempt buildings and give the SC Board of Architectural Examiners jurisdiction over non-licensees and the ability to advise LLR on legislative issues) was referred to a conference committee in May to work out disagreements between House and Senate members on the language of the exempt buildings section of the bill.

The AIASC Advocacy team is working on scheduling in-district meetings to discuss H3649 with members of the conference committee over the recess. Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved!

For more info on Governor McMaster’s vetoes click here.

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