SC Adopts 2017 Edition of Accessibility Code

Per state law requirements, the SC Building Codes Council has adopted the 2017 edition of the ICC A117.1 Accessibility and Usable Buildings and Facilities Code.

Many jurisdictions throughout South Carolina have begun to review projects under the new regulation. Contact your local building official to confirm when the 2017 code version will go into effect for new projects.

The 2017 code version includes several major changes, including:

  • Enhanced dimensions for clear floor spaces and turning spaces, introduced in response to technical data on the space needed by persons using scooters and some types of motorized wheelchairs and applicable only to new buildings and facilities
  • Exterior routes
  • Curb cuts
  • Blended transitions
  • Clarity for detectable warnings
  • Passenger drop offs and parking requirements coordinated with the Public Rights of Way Guidelines
  • Acoustic standards for classrooms
  • Features allowing for better communication for persons using sign language
  • Provisions that address the recharging of wheelchairs in hotels
  • Access to gaming machines and tables
  • Provisions for water bottle filling stations

John England, an ICC Master Codes Official, is offering training workshops throughout the state that will cover these significant changes. Dates & locations are:

December 14, Florence

You can register for John’s class at

You can also purchase a PDF copy of ICC A117.1-2017 – Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities for $48 on the ANSI Webstore.

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