2018 Active Legislation

Two bills affecting our practice are making their way through the legislative process this year.

H.3649 – the Architect’s Practice Act bill:

  • Updates our current law to allow the SC Board of Architectural Examiners (BAE) to advise LLR and have authority over non-licensees (sim. to other boards)
  • Clarifies which projects do not require an architect or engineer (would restore exemptions language back in the Engineer’s Practice Act)
  • Bill currently sits in an LCI Conference Committee (3 representatives, 3 senators)
  • Committee will meet on February 8 to hear testimony and receive information on the bill – please contact adrienne@aiasc.org if you’re interested in attending and/or speaking.

S.579 – the Homebuilders’ Codes bill:

  • Creates two new technical advisory committees, residential and commercial, of the SC Building Codes Council (BCC)
  • Extends the codes adoption cycle of the International Residential Code (IRC) to six years (currently three)
  • Adds “affordability” to criteria of proposed code modifications to “provide a reasonable degree of public health, safety, and welfare” and/or requires a fiscal impact statement for any proposed change to the current code.
  • Bill currently sits in the Senate LCI Regulatory & Local Government Subcommittee (chaired by Sen. Massey)
  • Bill is expected to be placed on the Subcommittee agenda by the end of February – contact adrienne@aiasc.org to receive updates.

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