Jobs, Choice and Savings in South Carolina’s Solar Future

With the passage of the Distributed Energy Resource Program Act (the “Solar Energy bill”) last year, South Carolina became the region’s leader in adopting solar service for its residents and was immediately put in a very strong position to attract major players in the home solar service industry.

One such player, Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the U.S., today announced that it will open a local office and warehouse facility in Columbia – a move it anticipates will bring at least 50 permanent jobs in the first year alone.

Initially, Sunrun will offer homeowners the option to purchase their solar system or finance it through a third party loan it arranges. Later this summer, they will also offer a lease whereby homeowners can simply pay a fixed monthly amount to Sunrun, reducing their home electric bill by 20 percent on average.

“I’m pleased that South Carolina is leading the Southeast in encouraging solar adoption,” said Lynn Jurich, chief executive officer of Sunrun, “We look forward to establishing a presence in the Palmetto State and giving residents the choice to power their homes with solar while reducing their electric bills.”

“We celebrate Sunrun’s announcement and its job-creating investment for the Midlands,” said Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina. “Sunrun’s expansion into South Carolina is a testament to the work our state’s doing to create the most competitive environment for business development in the country.”



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