SC Lawmakers Call on 2016 Presidential Candidates to Address Climate Change


In an open letter to presidential candidates participating in next year’s First-in-the-South primary, a bipartisan group of State Senators are asking bidders for the White House to share their plans “to support a comprehensive energy policy that makes our nation more secure and creates a healthy energy future” that the authors state “would also foster economic growth and job creation.”

Citing the impact of increased flooding in coastal communities on our vibrant tourism industry and the Marine Base at Parris Island, and the effect of droughts and extreme weather on our inland military installations, the letter reminds candidates that the effects of climate change is a non-partisan issue – and one that threatens the health, security and economic well-being of all Americans.

Following the unanimous passage of the solar bill in 2014 which helped the state generate more than $2 billion in gross revenue last year, lawmakers see the next president as the leader in developing new clean, domestic energy jobs that drive a robust economy here in South Carolina as well as in other parts of the country.

Kudos to Senators Courson, Gregory, Hayes, Hutto, Kimpson, Lourie, Martin, McElveen, Shealy and Sheheen.  Their work to promote the economic and health benefits of confronting the threatening impacts of climate change shows true leadership and will encourage investment in South Carolina’s clean energy future.




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